It is easy to combine the aesthetics of Designer Laser Vaginoplasty and the restorative power of Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation in a single operation: LVR® and DLV® can be performed in combination. They can also be performed with most cosmetic surgical procedures; the most popular of these are liposculpturing, breast implants, breast reduction, tummy tuck, nose surgery, and eyelid surgery.


I have had a child or a number of children and since, things just aren't the same vaginally. Sex just isn't as gratifying as before. Please explain to me how Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® can correct my problems and enhance sexual gratification.
Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR®) for the enhancement of sexual gratification is a modification of a standard gynecologic surgical procedure. The laser is used to perform precise surgical incisions. The techniques that have been developed result in a relatively bloodless procedure performed on an outpatient basis. In brief, we tighten the vaginal muscles and support tissues, as well as reduce redundant vaginal mucosa (relaxed vaginal lining). The procedure enhances vaginal muscle, tone, strength and control, and effectively decreases the internal and external (introitus) vaginal diameters. It can also build up the perineal body, the area immediately outside the vagina and above the anus. According to Masters and Johnson, sexual gratification for the female is directly related to the amount of frictional force generated. LVR® can help restore optimum frictional force durino intercorse and also provide an easthetic enhancement of the external vaginal structures, resulting in a more youthful look.
What is Designer Laser Vaginoplasty, and how can it help me?
Designer Laser Vaginoplasty (DLV®) is the aesthetic surgical enhancement of the vulvar structures (labia minora, labia majora, mons pubis, perineum, introitus, hymen). The most common procedures are Laser Reduction Labioplasty, Laser Perineoplasty, Augmentation Labioplasty, Vulvar Lipoplasty and Hymenoplasty. DLV® can correct problems ranging from irregularly shaped and sized labia to skin discoloration to restoration of the hymen. Procedures are individually tailored to the patient to address her specific problems and concerns.
How long does Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation take?
The surgical time depends on the extent of the procedure. In general, the procedures take 1-2 hours.
Where are the procedures performed?
All procedures are performed at our state-of-the-art Milan-based surgical center, which is state licensed and certified.
What types of anesthesia are available?
You can be provided with your choice of anesthesia by our board certified anesthesiologists (local, nerve block, epidural, spinal, IV sedation, general). Some types of anesthesia are procedure dependant.
When can I return to work after vaginal rejuvenation?
In general, returning to work is dependant on the type of work you do. Most patients can return within five to seven days.
How much discomfort will I have after laser vaginal rejuvenation?
With our technique of submucossal tumescence, pudendal block with long acting local anesthetic, you will be pain free for the first 18-24 hours. After that initial period, patients usually report mild to moderate discomfort which can be controlled by analgesics and cold packs to the area
Can LVR® and DLV® cause scarring and cchange in sensation of the vagina?
The laser used in both of these procedures is pinpoint, precise and delicate. It also minimizes blood loss and swelling. Complications are extremely rare, less than 1%.
Is it possibile that after vaginal rejuvenation my vagina will be too tight?
No. There has never been a woman (or a woman’s partner) who said that her post-operative vagina was uncomfortably tight.
I’m 50 years old and interested in tightening my vagina. Am I too old for this procedure?
No. Age is not necessarily a factor in determinino whether you are a candidate for LVR®, so long as you are otherwise healthy.
I have never once had an orgasm, even though my husband tells me that I am realtively “tight”. Can LVR help me?
No. It sounds as though you may suffer from a sexual dysfunction. You’d be better off consulting a sex therapist or psychologist to dermine the cause(s) of this dysfunction.
My clitoris is almost totally hidden. Can it be surgically exposed?
We do not perform any type of clitoral procedure, however, we can perform a reduction of the precoce, which is the skin along the side of the clitoris.
Do any of your procedure alter your period?
No. Neither LVR® nor DLV® have anything to do with menstruation.
Are any of your procedures appropriate for transsexuals?
No. We do not offer any services to transsexuals.
Can you perform a hymenoplasty more than once?
Yes. In fact, we have repeat business in that area.
I experience a great deal of pain during intercourse, accompanied by some bleeding. There is a tear at the base of my vagina that simply won’t heal. Can your procedures help?
We’re afraid they can’t. Although we are very concerned about patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction, including pain during intercourse, any surgery that we attempted would be a disservice to you.
Can a prolapsed vagina be fixed with laser surgery?
No. For a prolapsed vagina, you need more estensive surgery. You would not be a candidate for (LVR®).
My OB/GYN tells me that I am suffering from a bad uterine prolapse. Can LVR correct this condition?
If your case if quite severe, it may be necessayi to remove your uterus, and follow-up with LVR to reconstruct the vaginal architecture.
How long do the benefits of LVR and DLV last?
LVR® and DLV® produce permanent results, nevertheless they can be affected by trauma, childbirth and weight gain taking place after the procedure/s.

last update 10/05/2011